Look who made the BBC homepage…

Though I’m the kind of pessimist who can’t help but see success as the lull before everything goes wrong, I do have to admit it has been a good work week for me.

A few days after my Cara Delevingne interview became (I think) the most-read piece I have ever written, BBC homepage were kind enough to give one of my piece a banner at the top of BBC.co.uk for World AIDS Day on December 1.

The piece has been a real labour of love for me. I was taught about ACT UP and its AIDS activism during an amazing module on American Photography I did in university, and have long been a fan of the movement’s work.

So it was amazing to speak to both a founder of the original ACT UP London and its current iteration. Learning about the work the original group did to fight what they saw government inaction was fascinating, as was the work the new group did to fight for PrEP being available on the NHS

If that was not enough, I also got to speak to instant Drag Race icon Cheddar Gorgeous about her tribute to the work of ACT UP. Talking to a drag queen dressed like an Amazonian goddess about the work of late 1980s AIDS activism was definitely on my vision board for my career.

You can read my piece about the history of ACT UP in Britain over at BBC Three.

Published by Samuel Spencer

Journalist at BBC Three. Deputy Culture Editor at Newsweek. Formerly at Express.co.uk, Press Association, ARTINFO. Lover of film, TV and the actresses it they give work to. Contact me samuelspencerwrites@gmail.com.

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