BBC Three: Cara Delevingne interview

It’s not every day that you get to speak to a supermodel about her sexuality. For BBC Three’s new show Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne, I got to speak to the model-actress about being queer and the trauma of growing up like that in ’90s Britain.

There was a few exclusives in there. It was the first time, for example, that she said she identified as queer, after previously identifying as bi and pan in other interviews. “I kind of started as bisexual, and then I was pansexual,” she told me, I felt like ‘I don’t know what letter [out of LGBTQ] I am…[but] queer felt fluid and free. It didn’t put too much pressure on anything I was deciding to be.”

Planet Sex,01-12-2022,Cara Delevingne

The star also opened up about her gender journey, describing herself as “gender-queer.” She explained: “I am a ‘she’ right now. But I also like dressing up as a man and being a ‘he’. You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself about what you are, who you are. Whether it’s masculine and feminine, it’s just who I am.”

My interview with Cara Delevingne is over at BBC Three now.

Published by Samuel Spencer

Journalist at BBC Three. Deputy Culture Editor at Newsweek. Formerly at, Press Association, ARTINFO. Lover of film, TV and the actresses it they give work to. Contact me

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